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Director, Denis J Dominguez is an Associate Member (AAPI) of the Australian Property Institute and Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) 67324 with 35 years experience in the property valuation profession.

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Canberra Property Market Advice by Dominant Valuations

Your Local Canberra Property Valuation Expert

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Denis provided an accurate and detailed rent valuation on our DHA leased property. This was a notable increase on the original DHA offer, which was agreed to and accepted. Very pleased with the outcome

Ray P


Property Valuations

Dominant Valuations are based in Canberra and have the local Canberra knowledge and experience to provide any type of independent property valuation for your needs.

Denis aims to take as much of the frustration and mystery out of your property and land buying, selling, leasing, local government rating, land tax and valuation decisions as possible. See the services Denis offers below ...

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Pre-purchase or Pre-sale Valuation Reports

Extensive Valuation Experience in Canberra and Surrounding Districts

Throughout his many years of advising clients, Denis gained the experience and expertise necessary to help you make a well-informed decision on your sale or purchase as seamless as possible. Click below to book an appointment with Denis, and If you have any questions, simply reach out.

Rental Valuation Reports

Up to the Minute Rental Knowledge and Advice

Need a current market rental valuation for your investment property? Negotiating a residential lease, not sure of the current local market rental levels? Not satisfied with agents' advice? Need independent sound advice from a local valuer who knows the market?

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Stamp Duty Valuations

Trust a Qualified Valuer to Provide the Right Advice

Property decisions can be difficult, confusing and complicated at the best of times, which is why it’s important to know what you're doing. Deceased estates and related party transfers then make property decisions doubly difficult. Need expert property advice, you can count on to guide you through every step of the process? Book an appointment today!

Statutory Land Value Objections and Appeals Advice

Is your ACT Unimproved Value (UV) or NSW Land Value (LV) too high? Paying too much rates and land tax?

Want to object to your UV or LV but unsure how to go about it? Denis has 35 years experience in the NSW and Australian Public Services providing and auditing contractor, mass-valued ACT Unimproved Values (UVs) and NSW Land Values (LVs). Denis knows how these valuations are made as well as ACT and NSW objections and appeals legislation and procedures.

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Commercial Property Valuations

Expert Capital and Leasing Advice

Selling or letting your commercial property or office space? Want to buy or lease a commercial property, shop or office? Your market rent review is due or your lease is about to expire? Need straight independent advice so you can negotiated with confidence? Scroll below to book an appointment with me today.

Industrial Property Valuations

Expert Industrial Warehouse Showroom Advice

Selling or letting your industrial property, office space, showroom or warehouse? Want to buy or lease an industrial property, warehouse or office? Scroll below to book an appointment with me today.

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Rural Valuations

Expert Rural Property Advice

Denis has 35 years experience demystifying NSW and ACT Crown Leases as well as searching, identifying and interpreting Real Property Freehold Titles. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

ACT Crown Lease Variation Charges

Denis understands detailed Crown Lease conditions

Denis has extensive experience interpreting and understanding ACT Crown Leases, Unit Titles and Owner Corporations. Scroll below to book an appointment with me today.

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Compulsory Just Terms Acquisitions

Denis will help you get maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Government compulsory acquisition of all or part of your property is a very complex and time consuming process. Denis will help you get through the ordeal and maximise your compensation. Contact Denis to find out how he can help.

Family Law Valuations

Personalized Approach

Throughout his many years of helping his clients, Denis gained the experience and expertise necessary to make Family Law Valuations as seamless as possible. He is also able to assist the court, if required. Click below to book an appointment with Denis, and If you have any questions, simply reach out.

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Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Up to date Valuations

We provide property valuations to assist property owners affected by the New Business Tax System (Capital Gains Tax) Act 1999.

Capital Gains valuations are required when investment properties are sold or purchased or the status of a home changes from Principal Place of Residence to an investment property.

We also undertake valuations of properties where the Principal Place of Residence is part of a property.

We recommended you seek advice from a solicitor or accountant to ascertain the Capital Gains status of your property prior to requesting a valuation.

Want to get into the property market? Talk to an experienced Certified Practising Valuer who knows the market and gives straight independent valuation advice, does not sell or lease, only values. Don’t go at it alone!

Contact Dominant Valuations

Need property advice or a valuation report? I’m available to help you make the right decision.

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